You’re Engaged – So now what?

You’re Engaged – So now what?

I remember that when I got engaged I was SO excited. After my husband and I had called our families and I stopped staring at my ring (I had to be sure it wasn’t a mirage), I wasn’t sure what to do. Overall wedding planning is a HUGE process that can easily seem daunting if you look at it as one solid task. So this blog is dedicated to new brides. You’re engaged – so now what?

Many couple’s first intent is to set a date. I caution against this. Your first step should be to create a mock-guest list to give you an accurate ballpark figure of how many guests you expect. Why, you might ask? Because your guest count will tie into almost every single aspect of your wedding. Your guest count will give you an idea of what size venue is needed, so when you start searching for a venue – you’ll know that it can fit the adequate amount people AND if your wedding date is available.

My second suggestion is to set a realistic budget. Setting a wedding budget will be a determining factor concerning which vendors you can afford to hire for your wedding. Remember that a wedding budget does not have to be the same for every couple. If an aspect of your wedding is very important to you (i.e. wedding dress) it is okay to allocate more money there, and go for a more budget friendly approach in another area (i.e. lighting). For tips on how to create an effective wedding budget, you can check out this article from Boho-Weddings.

Third, I would suggest to chose a venue/date. Some couples prefer to have their wedding on a specific date for sentimental purposes (i.e. anniversary), which may limit your venue selection. If you do not have a specific date in mind and are more flexible, finding a venue may be an easier task.

Lastly – remember to breathe! You’re engaged, and you’re planning your wedding, that is a lot to be excited about. The wedding planning process should be just that – a process. Enjoy this very exciting time in your life:)

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