Why I’m Hiring a Wedding Planner


As many of you know, from the Love Marks the Spot Facebook and Instagram, one  of our assistants recently got engaged and of course has already gone full swing into planning her own wedding. Here’s her take on why she’ll be hiring a wedding planner.

Getting engaged was one of the most exciting things that has happened for me this year. Not only am I going to be marrying the person I’ve been with for almost 7 years, I get to plan my wedding. I love, love, LOVE planning weddings. The organization and creativity that goes into planning a wedding really makes me happy. I have attended and assisted in the planning of many weddings, but this one will be mine. Even though I’m fully capable of planning everything myself from the outside perspective, I will still be hiring a wedding planner. I won’t need an entire planning service, but I will need someone at the end of the planning process to tie up all the loose ends and make sure everything goes smoothly in those last few weeks and most importantly, on the day of.

  1. I want someone to be at the venue to ensure everything is set up, favors are out, escort cards are placed, the guest book and centerpieces are placed and everything looks the way I envisioned it. Because I will be busy preparing for the day, I won’t have time to run over to the venue and make sure all of that is going to be done. I’m also going to need someone to make sure the ceremony runs smoothly and people start walking when they are supposed to.
  2. If something goes wrong, I don’t want to know about it, I just want it handled. If the transportation gets in an accident on the way to pick the wedding party up, I want a person who has already been in contact with the driver and has a plan is in motion for getting us to the venue. If the caterer is missing a table, I want a person there who has already contacted the correct people and a table is en route. The cake hasn’t arrived yet! My wedding planner knows where it is, and she has a plan in place for it to be placed on the cake table before anyone realizes it wasn’t there. Having a person who is in contact with all the vendors in the event someone is late or something goes wrong will relieve an immense amount of stress.  (And all of these are real life examples that I have witnessed.)
  3. There’s no such thing as too many organized people. No matter how organized and prepared I think I might be, I want someone there who will remind me of those little things that may slip through the cracks. Someone who can be there as a gentle reminder, that if we want to stick to the timeline, we may have to speed up the post ceremony photos. I will want someone there who can say, “I just spoke to the driver, he is five minutes away, we should be getting ready to leave soon.”
  4. I’m getting married in Ohio because that’s where my family, as well as my fiancé’s is from and also where we’ve lived for most of our life. Planning a wedding is hard enough, not to mention planning a wedding from a significant distance away. A wedding planner will help make this a little more stress free.
  5. I want my friends and family to enjoy the wedding day, not be stuck working it. Many people assume they can just delegate tasks such as: being the point of contact, packing up gifts, DIY centerpieces and the guestbook, set-up and break down crew, rehearsal coordinator to a friend or a family member. However, that’s not really fair to a guest of a wedding. They are there to celebrate your marriage and to have fun, not to make sure the flower girl is holding her basket of flowers. Or that the seating chart is matching the diagram.

These are just five of the reasons, I’ll be hiring a wedding planner. I don’t look at it as a luxury item, I look at it as a necessity.


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