When Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

If you’ve made the choice to hire a wedding planner, your next decision should be when should you hire them. For an example, say that you and your husband-to-be have decided that you’d like a month of coordinator to ease the stress for last few weeks leading up to your wedding. Should you hire a planner a year out, a couple months out, or closer to the month of your wedding? The answer is simple: you should hire your wedding planner as soon as you decide that you want a planner. Here are three top reasons for my logic:

(1)  The longer you wait to book your wedding planner, the more time someone else has to book them. Imagine this – you find the perfect planner and tell yourself that you’ll book her three months before the wedding. Three months before the wedding when you try to book her, she’s already taken.

(2) The longer your wedding planner knows you, the better. Wedding planners are only as successful as their relationship with their clients. If you book your planner far out, it gives both the couple and wedding planner more time to interact with one another. My goal as a wedding planner is to become friends with each couple I book. I want to know what you love, what you like, and what you absolutely can’t stand. The relationship that a wedding planner and a couple have can make the difference between a “nice” wedding and an AMAZING wedding.

(3) We’re full of great advice – more time allows for more questions to be answered. Throughout the planning process, brides and grooms are sure to come up with questions. Booking further out leaves time for these questions to be answered quickly and efficiently. For instance, if you don’t know of any affordable hotels within a 5 mile radius of your wedding location for your out of town guests to stay in, chances are – we do. We’ll get the answer to you quickly so you don’t have to spend time researching  for information we already have.


As always, you’re welcome (and encouraged!) to contact us if you have any questions:)

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