Weddings & DIY Part 1 – DIY Wedding Stressors

San Diego Wedding PlannerI want to start off by saying that I am a big advocate of DIY touches in weddings. On the other hand, I am also a fan of making weddings run as smoothly as possible.  As far as weddings are concerned, sometimes DIY is an amazing way to add unique flair to your wedding…and sometimes it is a recipe for disaster. That being said, this blog entry is part 1 of a 2 part Love Marks the Spot exclusive blog that will focus on how do-it-yourself touches can enhance or harm your dream wedding. This portion of the entry will focus on how DIY isn’t always the best route to go for certain aspects of your wedding. The second entry will focus on instances where DIY can add to your wedding without adding to your budget.

DIY Stressors

(1)    Catering. There are several facets involved in catering that can make DIY catering a tricky way to go. If a bride and/or family member is planning to feed the guest list, this can take extensive planning that has potential to add stress as the wedding nears. Things to consider when you’re set on DIY catering include shopping for, preparing, setting up and boxing food. On top of this, the person in charge of preparing the food will need to ensure the food stays warm for guests to enjoy – so the right equipment is necessary.

(2)    Flowers. Although flowers may seem to be a straight forward topic – they can be fairly complicated. Many things should be considered when you are choosing flowers for your wedding: season, temperature, colors, durability and more. Good florists are creative geniuses. They know what flowers are in season to save you money, which flowers look good together, how long certain types of flowers hold up, and they will deliver everything to you. There is no supplement for a good florist.

(3)    Music. Why hire a DJ or band as opposed to using a playlist you’ve created via iTunes? My logic is simple: a DJ or band can read your guests – something a playlist can’t do. A DJ or band can lure your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor. They can also announce important news your guests will want to hear – such as the bouquet toss or last call.

(4)    Photography. Wedding photography is an extremely important part of a couple’s wedding day. As a married couple, you’ll look back on your wedding photos for years to come. While having family members snap photos at your wedding is a great idea, investing in a professional wedding photographer is one decision you won’t regret. Wedding photographers know important things that novice photographers may not – what times of the day are ideal for shooting, the best angles to shoot from and the perfect moments to capture the emotion surrounding your big day.

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