Wedding Themes 101

Creating a wedding theme works somewhat backwards compared to the rest of wedding planning. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on your wedding day: How are your guests dressed? Are they dressed to the nines or in cowboy hats and boots? What is your reception atmosphere like? A party rock crowded dance floor with an open bar, or laid back and paired with classic cocktails?

Keeping this “final vision” in mind will help focus on the mood and style of your wedding day.

Here is my simplified definition of a wedding theme: Color palates, textures and reoccurring motifs that are held together by a strong concept.

Now for my favorite part – examples!! Here are some wedding themes (hand picked by San Diego Wedding Planner Love Marks the Spot) that are trending in the wedding industry right how:



San Diego Wedding Planner Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings allow creative couples a chance to make the old new again and reinvent how the details are used in a special way that is unique to them.


San Diego Wedding Planner Rustic Wedding

If you’re into the outdoors, creating a “homey” and comfortable atmosphere for your guests, and have an eclectic side you’d like to express, rustic weddings are for you.


San Diego Wedding Planner Glam Wedding

For those couples who want to showcase elegance , glamour (and a bit of bling) for their big day!


San Diego Wedding Planner Love Marks the Spot

Romantic weddings are a great way to express love in an intimate setting.

Keep in mind that no theme is set in stone. The best part about picking a theme for your wedding is that you’re allowed to fine tune it custom to your taste! If no one style fits what you’re looking for – you can also combine styles until you find something you like. If you’re looking for ideas on your wedding theme, check out our Pinterest account…it is a great starting point!

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