Wedding Planning from a Man’s Perspective

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One of my roles as a wedding planner is to give my clients insight on the wedding planning process. Since I primarily am in contact with women, I thought it might be a good idea to get a male’s perspective on wedding planning as a process. And what better specimen to probe than my very own husband? So without further adieu, ladies, this week’s blog: Wedding Planning from a Man’s Perspective.


Me: Before you actually proposed, did you ever put any thought into wedding planning and what it would entail?

Joey: No. I didn’t think about the wedding planning process or anything about our wedding.  I was more worried about the actual proposal than anything else.


Me: Once the planning process started, did anything surprise you?

Joey: Everything. I didn’t think that there was so much detail involved in planning a wedding. I definitely didn’t think it would cost as much as it did.


Me: What costs surprised you?

Joey: Photography, party rentals and flowers.


Me: Throughout the process I had you come with me to multiple bridal fairs. What did you think of that?

Joey: I thought it was a good experience. It exposed me to a variety of vendors. I think that a lot of people think the wedding industry is very “cookie-cutter”, and that most wedding vendors fit within a certain mold. Going to the bridal events allowed me to differentiate vendors and get a better idea of what I wanted at our wedding.


Me:  What advice would you give to other grooms that are currently planning their wedding?

Joey: To be vocal about their opinions and how they envision their wedding. I think it is very important to keep an open mind so both parties are able to collaborate (rather than compromise) to make their vision come true. It is also important that both parties communicate their expectations of one another clearly throughout the planning process.


Me: What was your most memorable moment from our wedding?

Joey: Seeing you in our wedding dress.

*This was my first time hearing this, so it made my heart happy <3


Me: If you had the option to go back and hire a wedding planner, would you?

Joey: Yes.

Me: Why?

Joey: The last few weeks leading up to the wedding were so stressful and hectic. It would’ve been nice to have someone around to help with the smaller details, like remind me to shave.

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