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Katie + Kelly // Le Haut Desert Aerie

Katie + Kelly // Le Haut Desert Aerie

Before I launch into the story of Katie & Kelly’s wedding, I have to say how awesome it is that they are Bay Area based, and decided to do their wedding in Joshua Tree, their very favorite place. I absolutely loved every minute of Katie & Kelly’s wedding. Their wedding day was absolutely gorgeous. From the hand painted signs, to the boho hand-crafted macramé curtains, their entire day was perfection. Le Haut Desert Aerie served as the perfect backdrop to host their boho-desert styled wedding. Even though they had a guest count slightly over 100, the lighting and unique venue made the wedding feel uniquely intimate. DJ Senor Amor was fantastic to work with, and kept the party going all night! I’m so excited to share these photos with you all (they’re fantastic – thank you to Aimee from The Heart’s Haven)!


Photography//The Heart’s Haven + Venue// Le Haute Desert Aerie + Catering// Mojave Monaco Catering + Florals//David Rohr Floral Studio + DJ//DJ Senor Amor + Desserts//Exquisite Desserts + Party Rentals//Party Plus Rentals + Photobooth//Classic Photobooths + Hair & Makeup//Hair and Makeup by Tanya Marie

Meet Our Wedding Planning Assistants

Love Marks the Spot would love to introduce you to our Assistants! They are responsible for helping plan, coordinate and set up the weddings for the couples that Nicole has the honor of working with.

About Nini:

Where are you from originally? Augusta, Ga. I am a southern gal at heart.

What brought you to San Diego? I came to San Diego by way of the Navy in 2011.

What is your favorite thing to do in San Diego? My favorite thing to do in San Diego is of course hang out at the beach. It’s the ideal setting for taking a nap : ).

What made you want to help plan weddings? I’ve coordinated and helped plan many military events and come to find out that I have a real niche for it. It grew from just volunteering to becoming a real passion of mine. I then decided to take the necessary steps into making event planning a career. Once I started to actively seek ways of getting involved into the business, an opportunity was presented to me to work with Nicole. After helping with my first wedding a year ago I have fallen hard for wedding planning.

Favorite married celebrity couple? My favorite celebrity couple is Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith. They have been married for 17 years now; one of a small group of celebrity couples that have kept their marriage going. I read in an article not too long ago that Will Smith stated that their marriage has died many times but they found new ways to revive it. I admire the old school mentality of fighting for the marriage.

Give us one completely random fact about yourself! I used to dance ballet and, I would love to start back.

About Mesha

Where are you from originally? I have lived the majority of my life in Columbus, Ohio. (And I’m not a Buckeye fan, Ohio University Bobcats all the way!)

What brought you to San Diego? My boyfriend and I have talked about moving to San Diego for years, once we both finally graduated college we decided to make the dream a reality. We were done dealing with the -20 degree winters and the seemingly endless feet of snow.

What is your favorite thing to do in San Diego? I’m still very new to San Diego, I’ve only been here for about two months and so far I love it all. One of my favorite things we’ve done so far is walked around Balboa Park. I would love to hear suggestions for what’s the best thing to do in San Diego though!

What made you want to help plan weddings? I LOVE weddings. Probably a little more than most people should. I have three Pinterest boards dedicated to something about weddings. Yes you read that right three. When I Iived in Ohio, I had the opportunity to cater weddings and I just love how happy everyone is at them. They are so much fun because everyone is celebrating that couple’s love and commitment towards each other. I realized that my passion was to do something where I could be involved with weddings in every way possible, so I decided to learn the wedding planning business.

Favorite married celebrity couple? I’m going to have to say Beyonce and Jay-Z. They have been married since 2008, they have an adorable baby girl and they are both successes in the entertainment industry. I love the way they support each other and when you look at them, you just know they are in “Crazy in Love”.

Give us one completely random fact about yourself! I am terrified of birds. I don’t know why and I don’t know when it started. But birds weird me out beyond belief.

So there you have it folks, an introduction to our very lovely Love Marks the Spot Assistants. It’s very likely that if you want to work with us, you will get the opportunity to meet them! If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them as a comment below!

Andrea & Mark // Admiral Kidd Club

I’m so excited to share the photos from Andrea & Mark’s big day with you all! I knew from the first time I spoke with Andrea that I had to work with her. She has the sweetest personality, and is one of the most kind people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Andrea & Mark have a unique and special bond. They’re the type of couple that can be in a room, apart from one another, and you’ll still know they belong together. Their ceremony was beautiful, with personalized vows that brought me to tears. Congrats again to them both! Here are a few photos of the highlights from their special day:


San Diego Wedding Planer IMG_0058 IMG_0062 IMG_0109 IMG_0114(1) IMG_0115(1) IMG_0120(1) IMG_0151(1) IMG_0152(1) IMG_0156(1) IMG_0161 IMG_0169(2) IMG_0178


Thank you to the wonderful team of vendors that helped make this day such a beautiful success!!

Wedding Coordinator//Love Marks the Spot + Photographer //E3 Photography + DJ//The Mad Platter//+ Ceremony Venue//+ Reception Venue & Catering //Admiral Kidd Club + Florals//Center of Attention + Makeup//Elana T Beauty

Amy & Dave // El Cortez

The first time Amy, Dave and I met up, it was at a Yogurtland. I think that for starters, tells you a lot about their fun, easygoing personalities (I tend to meet most of my other clients at a coffee shop or something similar). I genuinely enjoyed working with them because you could really tell that wedding planning didn’t stress them out at all. Their main focus was their love for one another and setting up an epic celebration that they could enjoy with their friends and family. That being said – their wedding was AMAZING. Everyone had a blast, and the wedding had an easygoing party vibe that carried on late into the evening…

San Diego Wedding PlannerSan Diego Wedding PlannerSan Diego Wedding PlannerSan Diego Wedding PlannerSan Diego Wedding PlannerSan Diego Wedding PlannerSan Diego Wedding PlannerSan Diego Wedding PlannerSan Diego Wedding PlannerSan Diego Wedding PlannerSan Diego Wedding PlannerSan Diego Wedding PlannerSan Diego Wedding PlannerSan Diego Wedding PlannerSan Diego Wedding Planner


And of course, a shout out to the team that made this amazing day possible – it was a pleasure to work with each and every one of you!

Vendors: Wedding Coordinator//Love Marks the Spot + Photographer + Videographer//Anza Foto Film + DJ//Eric Starr// + Venue//El Cortez + Catering & Florals//Ranch Events


Wedding Planning from a Man’s Perspective

San Diego Wedding Planner Love Marks the Spot

One of my roles as a wedding planner is to give my clients insight on the wedding planning process. Since I primarily am in contact with women, I thought it might be a good idea to get a male’s perspective on wedding planning as a process. And what better specimen to probe than my very own husband? So without further adieu, ladies, this week’s blog: Wedding Planning from a Man’s Perspective.


Me: Before you actually proposed, did you ever put any thought into wedding planning and what it would entail?

Joey: No. I didn’t think about the wedding planning process or anything about our wedding.  I was more worried about the actual proposal than anything else.


Me: Once the planning process started, did anything surprise you?

Joey: Everything. I didn’t think that there was so much detail involved in planning a wedding. I definitely didn’t think it would cost as much as it did.


Me: What costs surprised you?

Joey: Photography, party rentals and flowers.


Me: Throughout the process I had you come with me to multiple bridal fairs. What did you think of that?

Joey: I thought it was a good experience. It exposed me to a variety of vendors. I think that a lot of people think the wedding industry is very “cookie-cutter”, and that most wedding vendors fit within a certain mold. Going to the bridal events allowed me to differentiate vendors and get a better idea of what I wanted at our wedding.


Me:  What advice would you give to other grooms that are currently planning their wedding?

Joey: To be vocal about their opinions and how they envision their wedding. I think it is very important to keep an open mind so both parties are able to collaborate (rather than compromise) to make their vision come true. It is also important that both parties communicate their expectations of one another clearly throughout the planning process.


Me: What was your most memorable moment from our wedding?

Joey: Seeing you in our wedding dress.

*This was my first time hearing this, so it made my heart happy <3


Me: If you had the option to go back and hire a wedding planner, would you?

Joey: Yes.

Me: Why?

Joey: The last few weeks leading up to the wedding were so stressful and hectic. It would’ve been nice to have someone around to help with the smaller details, like remind me to shave.

Love Marks the Spot – Why I don’t offer a Day-of Coordination Package

Today I’ve decided to blog about a common question I get asked by many brides.

“Do you offer a day-of wedding coordination package?”

My simple response is no, I do not. Now let’s talk about why… 

 Love Marks the Spot San Diego Wedding Planner 4

Ideally, I’d like for my clients to trust me because they know me, and feel comfortable with me – not just because I’m their wedding planner.

As a wedding planner, it is my job to ensure that your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible. Couples entrust their wedding planner with a multitude of responsibilities ranging from keeping the wedding day on schedule, to showing the groom how to pin his boutonniere on. I personally want each of my clients to achieve their dream wedding day – or even better, help make your wedding day even better than anything you’ve ever dreamed possible.

Getting to know my clients helps me personalize your wedding, and truly capitalize on the things that are special to you. That’s right. I want to know each and every one of you. I want to know how you met, how you got engaged, how you spend your free time and your dislikes. Getting a good understanding of how you think as a couple (and on an individual level) is the foundation to making sure your wedding day runs smoothly. I genuinely like spending time with my clients, and getting to know each other is a process that “day-of” coordination does not allow time for.

That being said, the closest thing that I have to a “day-of” package is my Conclude Package. The Conclude Package is the equivalent to a “month-of” package. This package includes 2-3 face-to-face meetings  (excluding our initial consultation)+ the coordination of your wedding rehearsal. We’ll use these meetings to go over wedding logistics, but also as a chance to get to know each other on a more personal level. If you’d like to read more about Love Marks the Spot’s Conclude Package, you can check out our Packages & Pricing page.

In the meantime – if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you.



XOXO Nicole – Love Marks the Spot San Diego Wedding Planner

New Trend Alert: Photo Backdrops!

Photo booths have gained an increasing amount of attention at weddings the past few years. They’re a great way for every age group to have fun – and they double as wedding favors your guests are sure to love. As the popularity of photo booths increase, so does personalization. This is where one of my new favorite wedding trends comes in: photo backdrops. Photo backdrops are a great way for couples to make their wedding day (or engagement) photos a little more memorable. They can be extravagant without breaking the bank. It is also important to note that these backdrops can be used anywhere – for the background of a photo, behind the sweetheart table,  at the cake table…anywhere you’d like to add an extra flair of your own personality. Here are a couple creative photo back drops that are sure to add a little something to any occasion.





Make sure to follow Love Marks the Spot on Pinterest to keep up with the latest wedding trends – we have something to satisfy every taste!

DIY Wedding Planning

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of all things Do-It-Yourself. I especially love everything DIY wedding related! Because of this I want to make it a goal to do at least one DIY project a week and to feature it on our blog. At first I’ll start off slow with photos, but it is my ultimate goal to make videos of myself doing projects:) Not only do DIY projects save couples money, but they truly allow each couple to personalize the decor at their ceremony/reception site. And trust me, your guests will LOVE to see ideas that you’ve created, especially since they’re coming to your wedding to celebrate your love for one another! So brides, if you have any projects that you’d like to see me complete, pass them my way! And if you’re looking for unique DIY ideas to feature at your own wedding, please check out my Pinterest Board for DIY Wedding Touches. I’m a huge Pinterest freak and I try to pin on a daily basis:)


Until Next Time,


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