Tipping Etiquette 101

San Diego Wedding PlannerA very common question clients often ask, is “Do I tip my vendors? And if so, how much? And which ones receive a tip?” That being said – this blog is dedicated to answer your frequently asked questions about tipping!

My personal and professional advice is that tipping is up to the discretion of the couple. A couple should never feel like they are expected to tip a vendor out of obligation. This is not like going out to eat at a restaurant where it is expected and often considered a social faux pas if you don’t tip. If a couple feels a particular vendor has gone above and beyond their expectations, or if they have enjoyed working with a vendor – they are more than welcome to give them a tip. If not, they should never feel bad about choosing not to tip.

Who to tip? From my experience as a Planner, I often times pass out the tips to different vendors. I commonly give tips to: photographer, videographer, DJ, catering staff, transportation drivers, (if it isn’t already a part of their contract) and wedding planner. I’ve also on occasion seen tips given to both the florist, the baker, or to a vendor’s assistant.

So if everyone loved the music the DJ was playing, he kept the reception between classy and fun and kept your wedding guests on their feet all night, you may decide to give him or her a tip.

How much to tip? Again – this is up to the discretion of the client. Some people prefer to tip between 10%-20% of the vendor’s total charge, while others may choose to tip more or less. The most important thing with tipping is that the couple does it because they feel like they actually want to, not because they are expected to or it will be rude if they don’t.

Note that some vendors that work in a group setting (i.e. caterers) may also split the tip. Our Assistant, Mesha used to work for a catering company, and was kind enough to shed light that the staff would split the tip at the end of the event.

What if a tip just isn’t in my budget? If you really want to tip a vendor but can’t right away, you can always send a tip to the vendor later. However, if you don’t think it will ever be in the cards, every vendor also really appreciates a great review. If they are on The Knot, WeddingWire, Yelp, or Google, take some time and give them a great review to let others know just how much you loved working with them. Mention specific reasons why they are getting a five-star review from you and everything you possibly can to let the world know just how awesome your vendor was.

Hopefully you’ve found this to be helpful!

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