The Importance of Reading Wedding Vendor Reviews

Would you ever go to a restaurant that only had negative one-star reviews on Yelp? I sure hope not! No matter how cheap it is, I hope the fear of food poisoning or absolutely atrocious service would deter you away from going there. The same should hold true for your wedding.

In this day and age, you can review ANYTHING. This is an incredible benefit to the consumer and should definitely be used to your advantage when researching a vendor. If you can’t find the vendor The Knot, WeddingWire or Yelp, try their Facebook page or Google. Positive and negative reviews are easily distinguishable by the amount of stars filled in. It is incredibly important is to read a few reviews from reviewers with differing opinions (if there are any). Reading multiple reviews can help you grasp a better understanding of a vendor’s strong suits and weak areas. On occasion, a reviewer may be unhappy with something that is completely out of a vendor’s control (i.e. a client angry because their DJ can’t play during their outdoor ceremony due to a storm). Other times, negative reviews are completely warranted (i.e. your cake vendor doesn’t show up at all). It is important to approach different reviews with a realistic perspective.

Reading vendor reviews ahead of time can help stop potential wedding day disasters. Here are a few signs that a vendor might be worth looking into a bit more:

  • They have no reviews, or their reviews all sound very similar (like they were wrote by the same person)
  • Their prices seem too good to be true. While we’re all about getting a good deal – vendors that are cheap may have lower prices because (a) they do not have much experience (b) their quality matches their low price
  • A vendor’s reviews constantly hint at a repetitive problem (i.e. tardiness or long response time)

If in doubt, you can always ask the vendor to give you 2-3 references that you can contact for firsthand information regarding real-life experience.

Lastly, you can always use a vendor that you have seen work (i.e. at a friend’s wedding or a corporate event), or use a vendor that someone you trust recommends. There’s a reason vendors say the next best thing to a tip is a review and a referral – because people trust and listen to their friends. And if you’re still not sure which vendor might make the best addition to your dream team, ask your wedding planner!

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