Maid of Honor Duties

Maid of Honor Duties

She said yes! No, not the bride to be, the maid of honor. She has accepted the opportunity to be by your side as you prepare for your wedding. Because a lot of MOH’s don’t know what would help their bride’s out the most, we put together a top 10 list of duties maid of honor’s should do to help make sure the bride and groom’s day is one to remember.

1. Be there for the bride – To lend an ear or a shoulder, this is your most important duty. And because you are already the bride’s best friend, you are probably already doing this. The day of, is going to be especially important. If the bride forgot deodorant, you should have it ready, if she needs hairspray and bobby pins, you should have the extras. Her brain is going to be all over the place, and just having someone there who remembers the small stuff is going to help out a ton.

2. Offer to help the bride with any pre-wedding duties – If you hear the bride stressing about addressing and stuffing wedding invites, you should be the first to arrive with a bottle of wine and ready to start helping.

3. Bridal shower and Bachelorette party – The bridal shower, a lot of times, is co-hosted by the family members, but you should be there to help plan, invite and set-up the shower. As for the bachelorette party, you should be the leader and always keeping the bridesmaids in the loop to make sure the bride has as much fun as possible. Make sure you talk to the bride about what kind of bachelorette party she would like, is she more of a spa relaxation type of girl, or is she a “Let’s go to Vegas!” kind of girl? Whatever the answer is, be prepared to plan accordingly.

4. Hold the groom’s ring during the ceremony – Ring bearer’s are awfully cute, but leaving the grooms ring with the MOH leaves a bit less to go wrong. We recommend keeping the ring on your thumb to make for an easy transition for the ring exchange portion of the ceremony.

5. Prepare your toast – A touching toast to show how much the bride and groom mean to you is key to being a great maid of honor. She chose you because you are her nearest and dearest and hearing a few encouraging and loving words after she has been married will mean the world to her.

6. Get the party started – If the crowd seems a little shy to get on the dance floor, you and the entire bridal party should be out there shaking your groove thing. The more people on the dance floor = the more fun everyone is having!

7. Bustle – If you attended the brides dress fitting, the seamstress should have showed you how to bustle the dress. If you didn’t, have the bride show you before the wedding so you are able to help her. There are so many different types of bustles so make sure you know which kind your dealing with.

8. Help keep everyone organized for pictures – If the bride’s Uncle Joe has wandered over to cocktail hour when he should be taking photos, you’ll need to help corral him. The faster the pictures get done, the faster you (and the bride and groom) get to go in and party!

9. Keep the bride as stress free as possible – Light jokes, reminiscing and ensuring she has had something to eat and drink at least throughout the day will help the bride in more ways than she realizes. We recommend keeping the meals light, and a dress-friendly snack (i.e. grapes, saltine crackers, etc.) before you head out to the ceremony.

10. Assist with wedding clean-up, if needed – Ask the bride questions like does she want you to take her wedding cards/gifts at the end of the night, or are there any special mementos (i.e. toasting flutes, cake cutting set, etc.) she’d like for you to handle. She’ll be grateful that you’ve asked.

Equally as important, remember to have FUN! You deserve to have a good time at this wedding too, so be sure you do! You’ve been a great friend throughout this whole process and there were most definitely moments of stress for you. Get ready to dance the night away and celebrate a night of fun your best friend will be sure to remember for a lifetime!

If you ever have any questions about what your bride may want you to do, just ask the bride how you can help!

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