Is a wedding website for you?

Is a wedding website for you?

A large number of couples are turning to wedding websites to help communicate important wedding day information with their guests. While not a necessity, personalized wedding websites have proven useful to couples and their guests by allowing couples to express their love with their own little corner in the digital world. There are numerous wedding website builders available, many of which are free or low cost, to choose from. Some of these sites, such as Appy Couple, allow couples to create a website accessible via an app. Majority of site builders allow for you to not only publish a personalized site, but also provide tools that are useful for the path to the big day. If you are uncertain as to whether you’d benefit from creating a wedding website, this post is for you.

Communicating Information: 

Wedding websites serve as a great tool to help communicate important information to your guests, including ceremony/reception details, directions and hotel suggestions. If you are expecting many out-of-town guests, you can also include information for nearby activities or attractions. Does the location of your ceremony get exceptionally hot around the time of your chosen date? You can communicate this to your guests to help ensure that they pack appropriately. Will the ground covering at your chosen ceremony site be difficult to walk on in heels? Let your guests know this on your site, and perhaps suggest to swap out stilettos for cute wedges, or sandals. Your wedding website will also prove useful if there are any last minute changes or updates that need to be communicated to your guests. Having the ability to update the site and not having to reach out to everyone individually will save time and help avoid extra stress as your wedding day nears..


To add a personal touch and further connect with their guests, many couples choose to include stories about their relationship and/or their proposal. If you’d like, you can also share your engagement pictures on your wedding website (we’re sure they’re gorgeous, so why not!?). You further personalize your wedding website by sharing photos and fun facts about your bridal party members. By personalizing your website, you can share your love with your guests – even though you may not have met all of your significant other’s friends and family, they will feel as if they know you before they meet you.

Your wedding website is also a great place to share your #weddinghashtag, if you have one. The Knot offers the option for couples to have Instagram pictures tagged with their hashtag to automatically synced to their wedding website. Lastly, with the wide variety of templates and color combinations available, your website can be customized to fit your unique style. Some websites, such as Wedding Paper Divas, offer the ability to order invitations that coordinate with the design of your site.

Registry Information: 

While it is sometimes considered poor etiquette to include registry details with your save-the-dates or invitations, wedding websites allow for you to provide this information to your guests without feeling as if you are being pushy or inappropriate. Many sites allow for you to link directly to your registry pages or even have the items that you have registered for shown directly on the page.


Another beneficial feature offered by many wedding websites is the ability to have guests RSVP electronically. This feature eliminates the need for you to include self-addressed and stamped RSVP envelopes (yay for budget savings!) and can be communicated via a link on the mailed invitations. The use of electronic RSVPs allows for the number of guests who have responded to be tracked without the need to sort through mailed cards. However, even if you  want to use the traditional return-by-mail RSVP cards, the electronic RSVP feature can prove useful to collect the responses of those guests who forget to respond in your allotted time.

Helpful Tools: 

Wedding websites also typically include countdowns to show how many days are left until the big day. While this feature may truly only be appreciated by the soon-to-be married couple, it provides a certain level of sentimental value to see the numbers inch closer to the big day. Other features that prove useful to couples include the ability to create a guest list and maintain a timeline. Many wedding site builders also allow couples to track the gifts that have been received as well as the progress of their thank you cards.


One of the main concerns about wedding websites is privacy. Thankfully, many wedding websites offer password or invite-only options, where the bride and groom provide their desired viewers with a password or invite. This allows for you to share all of the pertinent details of your wedding while maintaining a level of privacy and not having to worry about unwanted guests.

Final Thought: 

Ultimately, the decision as to whether or not you have a wedding website should be based off of the specific needs of you and your spouse-to-be. There is no reason to feel obligated to have one purely for the novelty of it and if it truly will not save you time or otherwise make your life easier, your time and efforts may be better spent on other wedding details.


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