How a Wedding Planner Can Help Your Wedding Run More Smoothly

San Diego Wedding PlannerAs a wedding planner, I wear many, many hats. I’ve done the expected tasks, including site visits, vendor referrals, running back to the bride’s hotel to retrieve her garter, etc. But I’ve also done other tasks that are not necessarily as wedding planner-esque, including Costco runs, directing guests to the bathroom and picking up trash. I think that some people may have the misconception that being a wedding planner is all glamour and glitz, and I’m hoping this blog can shed some light on some of the lesser known tasks we handle, and why we’re awesome at alleviating some of the stress leading up to your wedding, as well as on the big day.

(1)  Vendor confirmations. A few weeks prior to my client’s weddings, I introduce myself as a point of contact for my clients. I also confirm the time they are planning on showing up on-site the day-of. I typically have two wedding timelines. My client’s day-of timeline, as well as the vendor schedule timeline. It extremely helpful in ensuring that the day runs smoothly and on schedule (or at least as close to on schedule as possible).

(2)  Wedding rehearsal. A wedding planner is well versed in running wedding rehearsals. We know the processional/recessional order, the amount of time you should allow after each person/couple walks, as well as how to space people. Best of all, a good wedding planner can get through a rehearsal quickly and efficiently, allowing extra time for you and your family and friends to get to your rehearsal dinner!

(3)  Set up of small details. Escort cards, the gift table, guestbook table, etc. – I do it all. Having a planner set up details is always nice, because it truly allows your family members and friends to relax and enjoy your wedding as they should.

(4)  Gift delivery. My response on this is very similar to above. After your wedding, both you and your guests should be able to either (a) relax or (b) keep the party going! Having your planner deliver your gifts to your hotel or home (or even just load them in your car) is a stress saver.

(5)  Rental pickups. Generally speaking, most rental companies require a person to stay with wedding rentals and sign for them at the time of pick up. This can be especially important when your ceremony and reception are in different locations and your guests want to head over to enjoy cocktail hour. Who better to stay back than your planner or their assistant?

(6)  Last minute questions. I have yet to attend a wedding where there are no last minute questions from vendors. Occasionally a detail can get skipped over or miscommunicated, which is where I step in. As a wedding planner, I know my clients, and I know what they want.

(7) Creating a Wedding Day Timeline. Believe it or not, but even your reception will run on a timeline. Your wedding planner will not only help keep everything on schedule, but can also help you adjust to time delays (they always happen, trust me) and help ensure that everything is sequenced in a logical order.

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