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Hello, My Friends! It seems like I have had the pleasure of focusing more on the wedding design aspect of wedding planning lately! I’ve found some really awesome trends that are catching on that I wanted to share with you all, and a couple I’m hoping will catch.

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Here are my thoughts on above, starting at the upper left corner and moving clockwise:

(1) New and improved photobooth props – just when you didn’t think a photobooth experience could get any more fun. Don’t get me wrong – mustaches and giant lips are loads of fun…but so is being a princess or villain! I also love the fact that you can purchase chalkboard signs and personalize a message.

(2) Personalized escort cards – they’re fun, they’re cute…enough said:)

(3) Wedding games. Couples are starting to think outside of the box when it comes to keeping their guests entertained. Wedding games are a fabulous idea because not only are they fun, but they can also be used as an ice breaker to get guests who might not necessarily know each other mingling with one another.

(4) Sequin table clothes on accent tables. You really don’t need much decor – the sequins impress enough on their own! Worried about sequin scratch syndrome (okay, I totally made that up)? You can place a piece of glass over the table top to keep the surface smooth!

(5) A personalized take on the guest book. At all of the weddings I’ve done this past year, I have not once seen a guest book for guests to fill in their names. I’ve seen signable photo mattes, DIY balloon art (think the movie UP), photobooks, etc. Couples have started to veer towards options they can potential use as home decor instead of a book that gets put away for safe keeping.

(6) Favors your guests will actually use and enjoy. This includes candy buffets, wine glasses, etc. I especially am loving the idea of a Hangover Kit as shown in the photo above.


What do you guys think? I love to hear feedback or thoughts, as always.


XO – Love Marks the Spot San Diego Wedding Planner – Nicole

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