DIY String Wedding Balls

One of my favorite parts about being a San Diego wedding planner is that we get to decorate outdoor wedding venues all year long – I’m always on the lookout for cute outdoor wedding decor. While trolling Pinterest, I kept noticing that these DIY string wedding balls kept popping up. Here is a photo I found on Pinterest of them:


Love Marks the Spot
My supplies

I thought these looked incredibly versatile when I saw them – you can set them on a table like the photo shows, and you also have the option to hang them as decor as well. You can put lights in them to turn them into lanterns, dress them up with flowers, or you can coat them with glitter for an added sparkle. Short story, lots of options.

But, the best part about these string balls is that they are extremely inexpensive to make! I went to the store and bought some balloons ($0.98), mod podge ($3.98), and a roll of cotton yarn ($2.98).


To start I had to blow up the balloons and mix the mod podge with a little bit of water. Doing this makes it easier to spread on the balloons once the string is in place. You can also coat your balloon with Vaseline so that the mod podge doesn’t stick. This is what my mixture looked like:

Love Marks the Spot
My mod podge + water mixture


Photo of my balloon after I coated the string with mod podge

Next I took the string and continually wrapped it around the balloon. It is important that you don’t cut pieces of the string off and wrap it, as this will make the ball look a little loose. You also don’t want to unwrap a lot of string before you roll it, because you leave the possibility of the string getting tangled. I found that the best way to do it was to let about two feet or so of string free, twist it around the balloon, and repeat. Once you’ve wrapped as much string as you like around the balloon, coat it evenly with the mod podge/water mixture. It is very important to make sure that every string is coated – otherwise the ball won’t hold its shape.

Finally, you let the balloon dry for 8 hours. I let mine dry overnight for good measure. It is best to hang the balloons to dry because you don’t want anything to get stuck to the mod podge. Once the mod podge has dried, you can pop the balloon (mine popped in sections so you might have to pop it in multiple places). If the mixture was applied properly, your string should hold its circular shape. My final outcome looked like this:

Love Marks the Spot Final Verdict: Love it!

Not only was it a quick project do, it was also easy! We love how the ball can be used in so many different ways to decorate spaces. It was also very inexpensive to do. I only made two balls and I have enough mod podge, balloons, and cotton yarn to easily make at least a dozen more balls.

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