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San Diego Wedding PlannerToday I’m covering a topic that not many brides consider – What happens after your wedding. I’ve seen a couple articles that have mentioned post-wedding depression, and I wanted to address that here. Honestly, the first time I read about post-wedding depression, my reaction was “Really? You have to be kidding me! That doesn’t really happen!” Wrong! It does happen. I say this because I experienced it firsthand. When you break it down, it really makes a lot of sense: From the moment a bride gets engaged, many things become wedding related. Whether you’re doing things that are directly tied to your wedding or doing something normal and it somehow ties into your wedding (that song you heard on the radio would be a great addition to your wedding playlist), it all stops after the wedding. As a bride, people are asking about how your and your fiance became engaged, what your dress looks like, etc. Once reality settles in after the honeymoon, it isn’t surprising that some brides are left feeling like…“Now what?”

The answer is awesome newlywed life. Just because your wedding is over doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to look forward to. If you’re left feeling a little blue after your wedding, start planning something else amazing to do with your new husband! It will set something to work towards together – which is always fun. Maybe you’d like to go on a weekend getaway somewhere you’ve both always wanted to go. Or maybe you can redecorate or rearrange your room together. The important thing is that you’ll be accomplishing something, and you’ll be growing together. And that is what marriage is all about:)

On another note, wedding stuff isn’t 100% over just because the reception has ended. You’ll have to write thank you cards, change your last name (if you are doing so), and go through all of your gifts. And trust me – these things will take you WAY longer than you think they will, sadly! I also have a Love Marks the Spot Pinterest board called After the Wedding. I have found quite a few ideas for things you can do after your wedding that still involve your wedding. Check it out!

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