A Bride’s Guide to Finding THE Dress

I’m a self proclaimed wedding reality TV show junkie. I critique the contestants on Four Weddings, I fawn over the detail in David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding, and my very favorite guilty pleasure is Bridezillas (they’re scandalous!). Although these shows are quite different – they all make a point at some time during thing hour to focus on the bride’s wedding dress. I’ve had a few brides as my thoughts on dress shopping lately, and I thought I’d make a blog about THE dress. It is after all, likely the most beautiful and expensive gown you’ll wear if your lifetime:) So, here are some of my best tips concerning dress shopping.

1. Go in with an open mind. Try on all of the dresses you swoon over in the magazines…and try are a little outside of your regular style. Some of the dresses you think will look nice won’t – while some that you may have not considered will surprise you.

2. Keep your wedding location and the length of your reception in mind. A ballroom gown may initially seem like a good idea…until you consider that your wedding is in Temecula. In August. And your reception is 5 hours long. Your dress should be easily wearable considering the weather during the month of your wedding and the level of activity you plan to experience that day.

3. Don’t sign a dress off due to price. Many bridal boutiques offer sample or trunk shows where you can purchase your dress at a discounted price. Also – closer to the end of the year, some bridal boutiques have end-of-the-year sales to make room for new gown collections.

4. The “ah-hah” moment is different for every bride. You may not cry when you slip on “the” dress. In fact, you may need to try it on several times before deciding. Do not let this deter you! I tried on a dress at a bridal boutique, cried, and then I found my real dress a few weeks later. No tears shed at all. When you know, you know – simply put.

5. If your dress isn’t perfect, remember – you can alter it. Does your dress come with straps but you’d prefer strapless? Have your alterations shop nix them. Rather have a corset instead of zipper? No problem. More bling? Yes please! Alteration shops are wonderful, and they can help you perfect your dress. Just remember to keep in mind that alterations come at a cost.

I found this awesome infographic from Randy of Say Yes to the Dress that I’d like to share with you all. It has a few other things for brides to consider when choosing a dress:

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